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§Wireless PTP Back Haul & Access Network Solutions (RF/MW).
§Wireless LANs Solutions (WiFi).
§Last Mile Transmission Solutions (xDSL / ME / E1 / ISDN).
§PTP Connectivity Solutions – Over Fiber / Over MW / Over Hybrid.

§Core Transmission Network Solutions (IP & SDH/PDH).

§Optical Fiber Cabling Solutions and Fiber Termination Services.
§Structured Cabling for Data & Voice Networks (PCM / Cat-6).

§Power Backup Solutions (UPS / Solar Power System / Dry Batteries).

§Engineering & Technical Outsource Services & SLAs.
§Technology Consultancy & Trainings.


Point-to-point RF/MW Links Solutions:

Bridges in point-to-point (RF/MW Link) mode connect two networks in different locations (short distance) through a single wireless link.
This allows two widely separated sites to share resources, including a single high speed connection to the Internet.

EVOLUTION TECHNOLOGIES as reseller/partner to UBiQUiTi and Smart- Bridge is able to provide wireless indoor LANs & Outdoor P2P L2 network connectivity solutions.

Wireless Back Haul MW Links (Long-Distance) &
Access Network RF Solutions:

UBiQUiTi a leading manufacturers of wireless Access infrastructure (BWN) and last-mile transmission equipment.
Redline Communications is the leading provider of advanced broadband wireless access (WiMAX) and backhaul products.
With the support of these advance wireless products, we design, install, commission and provide services for point-to-point Microwave (BWN) systems for mobile operators, corporate/ branch offices and different industrial sections.


Last Mile Transmission Solutions:

EVOLUTION TECHNOLOGIES has partnership with different advance media converter (active & passive) manufacturers for Last Mile Transmission Solutions.
Optical Systems – Media Converters:
Optical MUXs for PDH/SDH & WDM systems. Fiber to Electrical media converters (M/C). Metro Ethernet (ME) Optical Mux.
Connectivity Extension:
Fiber to Ethernet media converters Ether to E1 media converters Ether to E3 media converters DS3 to E1 media converters E1 & E3 extenders STM-1 extenders SDH over IP / IP over SDH systems

Service Level Agreements ( SLAs )

Since 2008 we are engaged in delivering technical support services to corporate sector. Hardware maintenance services include rectification of faults, repair and replacement of Hardware, preventive maintenance services, back-up and other technical support mention in the hardware agreements.

  • Gold, Silver, Standard SLA classes
  • Unlimited number of complaint Calls / Visits Parts / Equipment replacement & backup availability Quick response time
  • Preventive maintenance to continue your business
  • Software / Firmware support
  • High skilled engineers teams (visitors / resident)
  • High class services, at Low cost